comScore Fox News’ Shep Smith Defends CNN’s Handling of Russia Report Retraction: ‘Journalism 101’

Fox News’ Shep Smith Defends CNN’s Handling of Russia Report Retraction: ‘Journalism 101’

After Sarah Huckabee Sanders went off on CNN for its Russia reporting retraction during today’s press briefing, Fox News’ Shepard Smith actually came to CNN’s defense.

CNN retracted its reporting about Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci being part of the Russia investigation and three employees resigned yesterday.

Others on Fox News have been incredibly critical of CNN for the serious error, but Smith not only defended Fox’s cable rival this afternoon, but he said the media attacks are coming from the White House because they “need a foil.”

Wall Street Journal associate editor John Bussey brought up the CNN retraction, and both he and Smith agreed that they handled it the right way.

“This is what you want to have happen, right?” Bussey said. “You want to have a news organization, when they find that they got something that didn’t go through their process properly, to retract it and publicly state ‘we made a mistake.'”

Smith agreed:

“It’s like an example of how to do it. If you make a mistake, Journalism 101 says you admit your mistake, you correct it immediately, and you take corrective action.”

Bussey said that this one retraction gave Huckabee Sanders an opportunity to “seize” on a whole lot of media criticism. And, he noted, what CNN did “is precisely what should have happened… The White House could actually learn something from the CNN example.”

Smith added, “Depends on what your goal is.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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