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Fox News’ Shep Smith: ‘Sliver of the President’s Base… Has Won the Day’

Fox News’ Shepard Smith said today Democrats pretty clearly caved on the shutdown––or, as he put it, “folded like a house of cards.”

“Democrats said, ‘We want a DACA deal, we want a deal for DREAMers,'” Smith noted. “They didn’t get it and then they capitulated, they folded like a house of cards. What happened there? What just happened?”

Fox News senior Capitol Hill producer Chad Pergram reported that “a lot of this was optics” and noted how some liberals and progressives aren’t happy about the results.

Smith went on to say this:

“This idea that when you were a kid, your parents brought you over here, you didn’t have any documents through no fault of your own, you’re in America, you’re an American. This is the only country you know. And there seems to be bipartisan agreement that they need to have some sort of fix on it. That said, there is a part of the President’s base that says, ‘That’s amnesty, no how, no way,’ and it seems that’s the part––that sliver of the President’s base––that has won the day. This ‘oh, I’ll put something on the floor for consideration.’ Come on!”

He also rather dryly reacted to Ted Cruz saying he’s been opposed to shutdowns, saying, “I heard him say it today, so I know it’s true.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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