Fox News’ Shepard Smith Breaks Down ‘Horrible Mess’ of U.K.’s Failed Brexit Vote


Prime Minister Theresa May suffered another big defeat today as Parliament rejected her Brexit deal 391-242, as the Brexit deadline gets closer and closer.

“By far the best outcome is United Kingdom leaves the European union in an orderly fashion with a deal, and that the deal we have negotiated is the best and indeed the only deal available,” May said.

There will now be a vote on whether to do Brexit with no deal. Smith noted the issues this would create:

“If you work across the channel somewhere else in Europe, can you get back and forth? What happens with your paycheck? If your produce comes from France or Germany or somewhere else, how does it get across the channel? If you have a family member who works over there or one who lives over there and works over here, what happens? In addition, the border in Ireland because… the situation in Ireland is an important and unresolved one.”

Politico global editor Matt Kaminski said the likely scenario is that on Thursday they will vote to “ask Europe for an extension.”

Smith ended by summing it up thusly: “The long and short of it is there is a horrible mess going on. There is chaos unseen in the last 100 years in Great Britain on matters like this. Whether they’ll exit or not, how they will exit, what the rules will be, whether there will be rules, all matters for another day as Theresa May has just gotten an astounding rebuke––149 vote loss in Parliament.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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