Fox News’ Shepard Smith: Republicans ‘Want to Get in the Way of’ Mueller Probe


Fox News host Shepard Smith said Wednesday that Republicans “want to get in the way” of Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s Russia investigation.

The statement came just after a report from Fox News White House Correspondent John Roberts, in which he pointed out President Donald Trump threatening in a tweet to “get involved” if the Justice Department does not agree to turn over more unredacted documents related to the Mueller probe.

“The Republican group wants to do something for sure. They say they want some documents but they want to get in the way of this. Let’s not beat around the bush. That’s what they want to do, isn’t it?” Smith said to guest Caroline Polisi, a federal criminal defense attorney.

Polisi said the “interesting thing” about Trump’s tweet is that “nobody really knows what President Trump means.”

“Some have floated the idea that he’s talking about potentially firing Rod Rosenstein, which he’s been talking about doing for a while now. Obviously, he’s overseeing the entirety of the Mueller investigation because I think Trump is pointing out that he feels — he’s kind of thrown his hands up at everything at this point. He’s just kind of sick of the whole thing,” Polisi said.

Smith then pointed out that the White House and Republicans have “put on a very aggressive public face of this.”

“Beginning today, Rudy Giuliani [is] the first Trump lawyer to speak with any specificity about the [interview]. And it sounds like Giuliani’s in charge now. Like maybe he’s going to set the rules to the special counsel: ‘No, you’ll go two hours. No, you won’t ask those questions. No, we’ll do it this–‘ They can subpoena him,” Smith reminded. Polisi agreed: “I was going to say, Shep, that’s really not how this works.”

“That’s not this works, period,” Smith said.

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