Fox News: Should Jared Loughner Be Tried As A Domestic Terrorist?

Fox News this morning took a look at Arizona shooter Jared Loughner‘s actions and possible motivations along with Aitan Goelman, the man who prosecuted Timothy McVeigh for his role in Oklahoma City bombing. Should or could Loughner, Goelman was asked, be tried as a domestic terrorist. His answer? In short: Not likely.

“I don’t think that the parallel to the Oklahoma City bombing is particularly well-placed here,” opined Goelman. “McVeigh and [Terry] Nichols, who was convicted of conspiring with McVeigh to destroy the Murrah Building, had an ideology. It was a repugnant, repulsive, abhorrent, hateful ideology, but it was a coherent ideology.”

Goelman continued, highlighting how Loughner’s speculated motivations differ: “From what I’ve read about his guy Loughner’s writing and rantings and ravings, it doesn’t sound like he had any particular coherent ideology. It sounds like he was kind of all over the place and really fits the profile of a deranged mass murderer instead of a terrorist.”

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