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Fox News’ Steve Doocy Says He Wants to See James Comey’s Notes on Barack Obama

Fox & Friends began their day of “nothing to see here” James Comey coverage by calling into question the real value of his bombshell memo.

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt began by reading from an article by Fox News reporter — and noted airport drunk — Gregg Jarrett. In the piece, Jarrett said that if Comey was sitting on evidence of obstruction of justice, it would suggest impropriety on his own part.

“It’s from an attorney’s point of view. What is law? What is fact? What’s legal? What is not?” said Earhardt.

“It’s amazing the FBI director feels so comfortable,” said Brian Kilmeade. “To call the News York Times to push back.”

Steve Doocy said that if Comey was such a copious note taker, he wanted to see what dirt he had on Barack Obama — no doubt the most relevant part of this whole story.

“Here’s the thing. You got to figure, who’s been in Washington for a very long time. It sounds like he has been keeping notes on all his important conversations. I heard somebody on the radio or something say it was his get out of jail insurance policy where he had notes on everybody. If he had notes on this president, we’re probably going to see them. I would also like to see the notes he’s got on Barack Obama.”

… eye roll.

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