Fox News’ Stirewalt on Blankenship’s WV Senate Chances: If GOP Could Get Behind an Accused Molester…


Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt today said it might be a bit premature for President Trump to say Don Blankenship running for Senate would go about as well as Roy Moore did.

Trump eventually did offer some support for Moore, even if he didn’t choose him in the primary, and as Dana Perino and Stirewalt acknowledged, if Republicans ended up coming around on Moore they could just as easily come around on Blankenship, who’s come under intense scrutiny not just for racist comments, but for his one-year stint in jail over the deaths of 29 coal miners at one of his mines.

“If the Republicans could get behind somebody who was credibly accused on multiple occasions of sexual misconduct toward teenage girls,” Stirewalt said, “I assume that they could find it within themselves for a fellow who was convicted of white-collar crimes, though they were connected ultimately to a very tragic incident.”

He did go on to say, “This is an unfair comparison. Blankenship is not Roy Moore.”

While Moore could not win, Stirewalt argued, there’s “no reason to think” Blankenship could do “substantially worse” than the other two major Republicans in the primary race.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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