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Fox News Strategic Analyst Rebukes Secret Service To O’Reilly: ‘Real Men Don’t Hire Hookers’

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters has some uncontroversial opinions about the Secret Service getting caught trying not to pay some prostitutes in Cartagena, Colombia this weekend, but he managed to find some of the more controversial language to use in getting it across. After explaining to Bill O’Reilly that the mentality of South America as a “party continent” causes sometimes this sort of behavior, he argued that the behavior was deplorable: “real men don’t hire hookers.”

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O’Reilly opened the segment noting that the cavorting with prostitutes was an “unbelievable breach of security,” asking Peters to try to explain what sort of thought process justifies the behavior. “Sometimes a sociopath or a bad leader leaks through,” Peters noted, breaking down the problem to three factors: President Obama running “a morally slopping administration,” Latin American regarded “as the party continent,” and “clearly an incident of poor leadership.” Peters later added, “real men don’t hire hookers anywhere, ever.” O’Reilly took some objection to this blanket statement, given that the people in question were Secret Service members. “So the Secret Service aren’t real men? These are the best guys!” O’Reilly asked. Peters did not recant, adding, “I don’t care how muscular you are or how many guns you have, real men don’t hire hookers.”

Peters’ point of view may be closer to the average opinion on the matter (mainly, that it is embarrassing to behave badly in a foreign country, but the Secret Service are respectable soldiers), but certainly not the only extreme judgment of the Secret Service agents. For every Lt. Col. Ralph Peters who refuses to acknowledge the Secret Service members as “real men,” there are those like Reason‘s Tim Cavanaugh, who argue that the scandal, a product of the Secret Service members arguing over a fee, was “a rare and laudable example of a Department of Homeland Security employee trying to save the taxpayers some money. It was also a demonstration of the truism that you don’t pay a hooker to have sex with you; you pay her to go away afterward.” Most Americans, one can assume, fall somewhere in between on the matter, though given the legal status of prostitution in many parts of the world, there are likely plenty of people who can both classify as “real men” (say, war veterans) and have hired prostitutes.

The segment via Fox News below:

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