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Fox News Sunday Panel Joins In The Newt- Bashing: ‘Poster Child Of Republican Excess’

Today has not been a particularly good day in publicity for Newt Gingrich on the Sunday talk show circuit. After This Week featured a particularly derisive George Will, the Fox News Sunday panel went to town on him, beginning with Brit Hume highlighting his many vulnerabilities, Juan Williams comparing him to a Thanksgiving Day parade float and only Bill Kristol putting in a good word for the former Speaker.

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Hume took the first word on the panel, noting that Gingrich was now in the most danger since his campaign started: “he now occupies the single most dangerous place to be in American politics, which is the non-Romney leader of the Republican field.” He noted all his predecessors in that position had fallen with fewer vulnerabilities, expressing little hope that he could survive. Host Chris Wallace then turned to the Freddie Mac situation, asking whether that would be the damaging reveal for Gingrich. To A.B. Stoddard, it was another indication that Gingrich was, in some ways, “Romney light,” but Kristol disagreed.

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“He was a leader of the conservative movement for 25 years… for all his problems, all of his deficiencies,” something Romney could not say for certain, Kristol argued. This added to the “rallying to Newt by conservatives against Romney.” Williams did not similarly come to Kristol’s defense, instead noting that, while “lots of people think hes the smartest guy in the room,” to Democrats, he was like a float heading “down Central Park for Thanksgiving… any one of those trees could poke it, and the balloon explodes.” “Even his record as Speaker is checkered,” Wallace added, to which Hume piled on. “He was nearly ousted in a mutiny by his own troops,” Hume recalled, “he became during that period a kind of poster child of Republican excess, a favorite whipping boy,” and that was still the current concern for Republicans.

The segment via Fox News below:

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