Fox News Sunday Panel Pans Romney Campaign For Health Care Mandate/Tax Confusion

There was some confusion last week over the Mitt Romney campaign’s reaction to the Supreme Court health care ruling, including some mixed messages over the health care mandate being upheld as a tax. The panel piled on the Romney camp for the confusion, with Bill Kristol and Juan Williams saying that conservatives are frustrated with Romney for not getting tougher in his election fight against President Obama.

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Kristol said that Romney needs to stop playing defense and start going out there and saying what his alternatives to Obama’s policies are. Chip Saltsman argued the stars are aligning for Romney, and they just need to take care of a few minor staffing issues to become a well-oiled machine. The Hill‘s A.B. Stoddard said the conventional wisdom about Romney being vague is only partially correct: Romney has a lot of specific policy proposals, he just doesn’t talk about them that much.

Guest host John Roberts asked the panel about recent attempts by the Obama campaign to frame Romney as an outsourcer and a Nixonian. Juan Williams said these labels are beginning to stick as the campaign goes on, and advised Romney not to “reinforce” the out-of-touch, rich-guy stereotype the Obama campaign is making him out to be.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:

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