Fox News Team Reveals College Football Allegiances (Full List)


rovetxOn last night’s Hannity, the Fox News team finally revealed their true allegiances. To sports teams, that is. In honor of the start of the 2009 college football season, an assortment of Fox personalities went around and gave shout-outs (shouts-out?) to their alma maters. Of course they’re all big college football fans. Watch the video, and find out who roots for which team, after the jump. We’ve also compiled a handy list, for if you have the ADD.

Below is a list of Fox News types and the college football teams they root for, in order of appearance on Hannity. Though if you just read the list, you’re really missing out on the enjoyable Looney Tunes-like antics of the video, which include an angry executive producer sending his underlings to the North Pole and another angry guy turning red and having steam coming out of his ears.

Here goes:

Spencer Tillman (Former NFL Player; actually a CBS sports guy, but a Hannity guest): University of Oklahoma

Lou Holtz (Former Notre Dame Coach and Hannity guest): Notre Dame (shockingly)

Courtney Friel ( correspondent): San Diego State University

Rebecca Diamond (Fox Business Network): University of Maryland

Bob Beckel (Fox News contributor): University of Maryland

Dagen McDowell (FBN correspondent): Wake Forest

Gretchen Carlson (Fox and Friends anchor): Stanford

Nina Easton (Fox News contributor): Berkeley

Griff Jenkins (Fox News correspondent): UMiss

Tim Rhoades (Fox News producer): Auburn

Megyn Kelly (America’s Newsroom anchor): Syracuse

Alan Colmes (wha?): Rutgers

Mike Huckabee: University of Arkansas

Steve Doocy (Fox and Friends anchor): University of Kansas

Juliet Huddy (Fox News anchor): University of Missouri

Sandra Smith (FBN): Louisiana State University

Shep Smith: UMiss

Rick Reichmuth (Meteorologist): Arizona State

Emily Rhodes (Fox News animator): Bowling Green

Bill Hemmer (America’s Newsroom anchor): Miami University

Karl Rove: University of Texas

Ainsley Earhardt (Fox News correspondent): University of Florida

Kathryn Klein (Fox News producer): UNC

John Finley (Hannity executive producer): UVA

Greta Van Susteren (On the Record): University of Wisconsin

Jill Dobson (Fox News Entertainment correspondent): Michigan State

George Allen (Former governor of Virginia): UVA

Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North: U.S. Naval Academy

John Kasioh (Former Ohio Congressman): OSU

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