Fox’s The Five Asks If Leno Is ‘Too Conservative,’ Makes Too Many Obama Jokes For NBC

The Five Asks If Leno Is 'Too Conservative,' Makes Too Many Obama Jokes For NBC

At first glance, the lead story on Fox News’ The Five had little to do with politics. But the show’s hosts revealed their intentions when they started asking if Jay Leno‘s conservative tendencies were the real reason NBC is planning to replace him next year.

Greg Gutfeld was the first to bring up Leno’s recent spate of jokes about President Obama. “Clearly he pushed it too far,” Gutfeld said, half in jest. “The network will send him to a reeducation camp for required therapy.”

After playing clips of some more Leno jokes that hit Obama on his current Israel trip, Eric Bolling cited a recent tweet from Matt Drudge that suggested the host was being pulled by NBC because his comedy is geared more towards middle America than the liberal coasts. But Bolling pointed out that every late night host going back to Johnny Carson “goes after the president. I don’t know why we are calling him out for going after Obama.”

Gutfeld sarcastically suggested that perhaps Leno shouldn’t spent more time going after Sarah Palin if he wanted to keep his job. Evidently that has worked quite well for David Letterman.

Watch video below, via Fox News:

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