Fox News’ The Five Clashes Over Dem House Fight With Trump Admin: ‘They’re Drunk Off Power!’


The hosts of Fox News’ The Five got heated this afternoon over the multiple Democratic-led House committees investigating and fighting with the White House, issuing subpoenas and threatening to hold more individuals in contempt.

“What is the next subway stop on this crazy train?” Gutfeld said. He asked if Democrats are now at “contempt, let’s arrest everybody,” what’s the next stop.

He said all this fervor is a “circus born from team-sport politics” helped out by the media.

Jesse Watters said the Democrats are now “fee-wheeling sheriffs,” before arguing that the calls for jailing Trump administration officials are alarming and serious, unlike “lock her up!”:

“We remember the ‘lock ’em up’ chants and the Trump supporters had some fun with that, but that was just a slogan. No one ever really thought Hillary was going to prison. Adam Schiff really wants to lock people up. Hillary is… I mean, Pelosi’s talking about locking people up. People are talking about holding Barr in contempt and then the sergeant at arms dragging him to jail. We’ve already locked up so many people on a hoax already.”

He added, “They’re drunk off power!”

Juan Williams countered that Congress has a “legitimate right” to conduct oversight, saying, “We certainly saw that with Benghazi and Fast & Furious, IRS.”

At one point he even said that right now the country is facing a constitutional crisis and “this is bigger than Benghazi.”

“More people died in Benghazi,” Gutfeld fired back.

“This is the underpinnings of our form of government,” Williams responded. “If we don’t have a democracy, if in order words we have an autocrat…”

“That’s an exaggeration, obviously,” Gutfeld said. “We see the dead bodies.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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