Fox News’ The Five Clashes Over Ivanka Emails: ‘Not the Same’ as Clinton!


On Fox News’ The Five, Juan Williams clashed with his co-hosts over Ivanka Trump‘s use of personal email, given the past scrutiny into Hillary Clinton‘s emails.

Greg Gutfeld said it’s not a fair comparison. Dana Perino said “none of this is fair,” but it’s easy to see why Trump critics would jump on this.

Williams mockingly suggested they all come together and start chanting “lock her up,” calling the First Daughter’s actions “an act of hypocrisy so blatant and obnoxious.”

Jesse Watters shot back that it’s not remotely like the Clinton scandal and the two of them went back and forth, with Williams saying we should “apply the same medicine here.”

Kennedy jumped in to say this is like applying the same medicine for both strep throat and stage 4 cancer. She admitted it was “irresponsible” for Ivanka to do this––leading to Williams saying “Thank you, somebody spoke the truth on The Five!”––but said they’re not comparable and Clinton kept trying to “minimize” it.

“I’m not excusing what Ivanka Trump did,” she told Williams, “I’m just saying it’s not the same thing, so let’s stop pretending that it is.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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