Fox News’ The Five Mocks ‘Carnival’ CNN Candidate Draw: ‘Losing Even More Credibility’


CNN’s been getting some mockery for its dramatic candidate draw last night to determine the lineup for the next batch of Democratic debates, and the hosts of Fox News’ The Five joined in Friday.

Jesse Watters opened by saying, “CNN losing even more credibility and turning into a game show network by revealing the upcoming debate lineups like this.”

After showing video from Thursday night, Greg Gutfeld remarked, “The serious music made it funnier. CNN is the carnival news network. They already have the clowns, now they got the attractions. They need to add a dunk tank, pie-eating contest, a ring toss where Don Lemon can toss rings on Chris Cuomo’s head.”

He compared CNN to a person who doesn’t have close friends who can tell them when they’re “making a fool out of yourself.”

Juan Williams said that for all of them “rightly mocking” CNN, it was at least a “transparent operation” for the viewing audience.

The co-hosts talked about the candidates themselves for a bit before cirgling back to CNN. Watters said it seems like they have an “identity crisis,” and Gutfeld agreed, saying, “When you turn on CNN, you have no idea what you’re gonna get, you have a guy report something and then an opinion in the same breath and then get it wrong or maybe get it right, but you can’t tell, it’s kind of dishonest, and I think that they are in a identity crisis, because they used to be something.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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