Fox News’ The Five Slams CNN, Lanny Davis Over Trump Tower Report: ‘Somebody’s Lying’


Fox News’ The Five opened today by slamming CNN and Lanny Davis over Davis admitting he was a source on a CNN report regarding the Trump Tower meeting.

CNN’s initial report cited multiple sources saying that Michael Cohen claimed President Donald Trump had advanced knowledge of that meeting. In the past few days, the revelation that Davis confirmed the reporting only to now say he can’t confirm it has set off a bit of a kerfuffle.

For the record, CNN had cited multiple sources in its reporting and is presently standing by that July report on Cohen’s claim.

On The Five today, Greg Gutfeld opened by reviewing how CNN is in a “creepy pickle” right now. He said the rest of media likes to eat up reporting like this “no matter the sourcing.”

Gutfeld said that “somebody’s lying” here and wondered if this would end up being covered on CNN’s Reliable Sources, bringing up how CNN had said in its initial report Davis didn’t comment.

Dana Perino said they possibly “have another source” confirming the story.

Tammy Bruce, meanwhile, argued that “this is why when the President says ‘fake news,’ everybody goes nuts.”

Juan Williams pushed back a bit on his co-hosts, saying they’re “way in the weeds” with this media story.

He brought up how CNN fired reporters for getting a Trump story wrong, adding, “So I would think that people on the right would say, ‘Huh. CNN’s not firing anybody in this case. They’re not backing off, and the one who’s saying that he did something wrong is Lanny Davis.'”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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