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Fox News Watch Panel On Bachmann: Media Now Building Her Up, Just To Tear Her Down

The panel on Fox News Watch was exploring whether the good reviews from the mainstream media for Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s candidacy for President since the Republican debate, have been sincere or if there is truly a hidden agenda behind them. With some like Chris Matthews barely able to contain their new excitement for Bachmann, at least one panelist here warns Bachmann that such praise is really a trap!

Conservative columnist Cal Thomas explains his theory for Bachmann’s positive press:

“The Left likes to build up people in order to tear them down. One of my favorite lines on this was that ‘she exceeded expectations.’ Well, who set the expectations? The media did. . . . Chris Matthews praises her, which is sort of like getting a civil rights affirmation from David Duke.”

Liberal commentator Alan Colmes thought attacking the “liberal media” for this was tired, and others on the panel suggested that Bachmann just now demonstrated that she is ready for primetime and a truly serious candidate. And just to prove to Thomas that the left wasn’t actually trying to build Bachmann up, Colmes did his part to suggest that unlike Matthews, he doesn’t think Bachmann or any of the GOP candidates are impressive at all:

“There’s nothing they offer that would give us a reason to vote Republican. To do anything to move the country forward. Other than these broad generalities.”

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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