Fox News Watch Tackles Zimmerman Coverage: Media ‘Making Excuses’ For Jeantel Changing Her Story

Today the panelists on Fox News Watch took on the media’s coverage of the George Zimmerman murder trial, mainly the focus on prosecution star witness Rachel Jeantel. Jeantel’s comment that Trayvon Martin called Zimmerman a “creepy-ass cracker” was the subject of much discussion, as well as her demeanor when being questioned by the prosecution and defense attorneys.

Judith Miller said people were “more forgiving” of Jeantel once she was coached to answer the questions a little better on the second day. She said that there’s been a lot of coverage clearly meant for lawyers, and “ordinary coverage” for the rest of America.

Host Jon Scott added, “Many in the media seem to be making excuses for her lapses on the stand.”

Mediaite’s Joe Concha said it’s easy to understand why a teenage girl might have had a lapse or two, but said there are a number of people in the media “bending over backwards” to try and figure out whether “cracker” is a racist word or not. He predicted, “By the time this thing is done–It already seems so cheap and easy already–that this is going to set back race relations in this country a couple of years.”

Ellen Ratner singled out Mediaite’s coverage of the trial as one of a few media outlets that did a good job explaining the case.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:


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