Fox News Watch Welcomes New MSNBC Host: ‘Why Does Anybody Listen To Al Sharpton?’

The hiring of Al Sharpton as host over at MSNBC has raised many an eyebrow given his past as businessman, activist, and host. But at Fox News, it appears to be inspiring nothing but ridicule. On today’s Fox News Watch, the panel discussed what could have possibly convinced MSNBC to hire him (the answers included “quid pro quo” and “ideology”), but ended on this anticlimactic note: “Why does anybody listen to Al Sharpton?”

Host Jon Scott put the topic on the table, suggesting that the relationship between Sharpton and the White House could have something to do with the deal. Panelist Monica Crowley noted that she was “not at all surprised,” as “his ideology fits in perfectly with MSNBC” and he could be trusted not to attack President Obama. The other main potential reason the panel discussed was the involvement of Sharpton in the Comcast-NBC deal. Panelist Jim Pinkerton suggested that the “skepticism that there is some kind of quid pro quo is worth following up on,” though that discussion was cut short by Scott asking why anyone listened to Sharpton at all. “I don’t think anyone does,” chimed in Kirsten Powers, adding her skepticism that quid pro quo was involved to the pot.

The segment via Fox News below:

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