Fox Panelist: ‘Anti-Testicular Police’ Are Ripping Off Ray Rice’s Balls

Last night on Hannity, guest Tamara Holder approached the Ray Rice case from a unique perspective. She told Sean Hannity, “I think it’s interesting that the anti-testicular police are coming out and just taking this guy’s balls and ripping them off and not paying attention to the fact that there is a family here.”

Holder said that Rice’s wife did “play a role” in that she also got a bit aggressive in the video, and while she made it overwhelmingly clear that she’s not condoning Rice’s actions or suggesting in any way that she deserved it, the fact that Janay Rice did not press charges is important.

Hannity pushed back a bit, but Holder explained, “What I’m saying… is that where do we draw the line with just attacking somebody, ruining their life, firing them for life.” She said it’s definitely relevant that Rice’s wife is publicly more upset with the media than she is with her husband, though Dagen McDowell pointed out in a significant number of abused women return to their abusers.

Watch the full segment here, via Fox News:

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