Fox Panelist Mocks Laura Ingraham: Benghazi ‘Will Never Go Away’ with You

When Laura Ingraham worked the Benghazi attacks into a Fox News Sunday discussion of President Obama‘s foreign policy, one panelist mocked her with a remark that invoked laughter from the others.

Host Chris Wallace asked the conservative radio host for her thoughts on the president’s West Point commencement speech. “I thought it was a very odd speech and it was not well received, and that didn’t surprise me at all given its tenor and its tone,” she said, adding that the president’s claim that our influence is still the strongest in the world does not “pass the straight-face test.”

Her co-panelist Bob Woodward disagreed, telling Wallace that “you have to give Obama some credit: He’s protected the country and we have not had another war or unnecessary war.”

In her objection to that remark, Ingraham cited the 2012 attacks on an American consulate in Libya: “We didn’t protect the Benghazi diplomatic mission on 9/11/12. We kind of failed on that regard, don’t you think, Bob?” she said.

“Well, you are underscoring my point that this will never go away, at least with you,” Woodward responded, inciting audible laughter from co-panelist Evan Bayh.

“I actually don’t think it’s funny when an ambassador is murdered,” Ingraham shot back, before Wallace called the jab a “bit of a cheap shot” and ended the program.

Watch below, via Fox:

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