Fox Panelist Pushes Back on Ebola Panic: ‘Hyperbolic’ to Say ‘It’s Here’

On Fox News this morning, panelist Jonathan Hoenig tried to calm Eric Bolling‘s fears about Ebola spreading in the United States. He said one person with Ebola in Dallas (even if he was let out of the hospital for a few days) isn’t going to suddenly bring an entire epidemic to the U.S., especially when epidemics generally occur in “unscientific third-world countries.”

Eric Bolling, Michelle Fields, and Wayne Rogers all expressed their extreme concern over Ebola, partly based in their incredible distrust of the federal government to handle anything (i.e. Obamacare, the IRS) well.

But Hoenig told Bolling that despite the one person in Dallas with ebola, “It’s certainly hyperbolic to suggest that ebola’s here.” He argued that epidemics generally pop up in third-world nations that aren’t very health-conscious, and the United States is far more equipped to deal with something like this:

“Here in the West, we’re a little more conscious about sanitation, about the disposal of dead bodies. We rely on science, not faith, and that’s why epidemics don’t occur, and that’s why I’m not worried about ebola one bit.”

Jehmu Green also told the others they’re engaging in fearmongering, but Bolling insisted he just wants to exercise “an abundance of caution.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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