Fox Panelist Rips Trump: ‘Negotiate with Mexico? He Can’t Even Negotiate with Macy’s!’

hoenigDonald Trump‘s presidential campaign has given conservatives and Republicans lots of mixed feelings. But Fox’s Eric Bolling, at least, continues to be one of Trump’s biggest cable news defenders. On today’s Cashin’ In

Panelist Jonathan Hoenig, however, wasn’t quite on board. He told Bolling, “He’s not just a fool, but he’s a fraud… Negotiate with Mexico? He can’t even negotiate with Macy’s!”

And quite frankly, Bolling was the only one really defending Trump. Wayne Rogers said “if Trump can’t survive in the free market, that’s his problem,” while Michelle Fields said she’s not a Trump fan and that NBC probably did the right thing (even if they hypocritically embrace Al Sharpton and Brian Williams).

Bolling still defended Trump, arguing that he’s bringing “fresh new ideas” and is someone willing to stand up for America. Rogers pointed out that there are other candidates who fit that description already, while Hoenig made it abundantly clear he just really doesn’t like Trump.

Presidents, he said, don’t make over-the-top threats and don’t “alienate America’s major corporations.” Hoenig pointed out how Trump used to be a Democrat, and when Bolling talked about getting someone with a different kind of track record in the White House, Hoenig said, “Trump’s got a record of bankruptcy.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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