Fox Reality Star Couple Allegedly Threatens Restaurant Patron with Knife

Oh hello, Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, the couple made infamous for borderline psychotic behavior on Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares. We hadn’t heard much from them in the past year, but they came back this weekend in a big way: by allegedly chasing a drunk patron out of their restaurant with a knife.

TMZ caught a video of Samy chasing after someone — said to be a drunk patron who left Amy’s Baking Company after management asked him to go — with what appears to be a large knife in his hand. (The Bouzaglos claimed that it was actually a very, very large pen.)

KTAR reports that the drunk man in question had left by the time they arrived at the restaurant.

Watch below via TMZ:

And if you totally forgot about who these people are, here a recap from Gordon Ramsay’s first visit to the Scottsdale restaurant:

[TMZ via Gawker]
[Image via screenshot]

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