Fox Reporter’s Live Shot Interrupted by ‘Antagonistic’ Turkish Military

A live Fox News report on the Islamic terrorist network ISIS and its advancement in Syria was interrupted Wednesday by officials with the Turkish military.

While reporting outside of a battle scene, Fox News correspondent Greg Palkot was approached by a military truck with what appeared to be several men inside yelling at Palkot through a megaphone.

“They are about to get us out of here,” Palkot said less than a minute after beginning his report. “They’re concerned about Turkish protesters.”

Palkot then tried finishing his report but was interrupted again by a siren. “If I don’t close this live shot in about 15 seconds, we’re about to get a massive wave of tear gas,” he said. “So, that’s it from here on Turkish soil and some antagonistic military here and fighting behind me.”

Watch via Fox News:

[Photo via Fox News/screengrab]
[h/t Daily Caller]

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