Fox Segment Derails After Guest Calls GOP ‘Party of Women’: ‘YOU ENDORSED AN ALLEGED PEDOPHILE!’


A Fox News segment on Hillary Clinton’s surprise appearance at the Grammy Awards ceremony erupted into chaos this afternoon, forcing anchor Harris Faulkner to abruptly cut to a commercial.

The derailment began after Faulkner accused Clinton of “inserting herself into #TimesUp,” the movement that attempts to curb sexual abuse and harassment by powerful men.

Vice Chair of the DNC, Mike Blake, began by dismissing the idea that Clinton has no right to speak up for women, even with that recent scandal that alleged she kept a “spiritual advisor” on payroll after he sexually harassed a young female staffer.

“We recognize this issue but the time should be up on us talking about this topic,” he said. “This is something that happened ten years ago. We are talking about here and now.”

Blake attempted to bring up disgraced RNC finance chair Steve Wynn, but was reprimanded by Faulkner, being told he was “going around and around in circles.”

RNC Spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany attempted to reframe the Wynn scandal, piling on Clinton’s reaction, or lack thereof, to the recent report of harassment by spiritual advisor Burns Strider.

“[Clinton] has had four days to speak. She hasn’t,” she said. “Our chairwoman, McDaniel, within 24 hours had accepted the resignation of Wynn and went further today and said that if the full and fair investigation finds guilt, she will be the first to give back the money.”

McEnany went on to say “Make no mistake. This party is the party of women.”

Blake had to have the last word with that remark, scoffing at the idea, before citing the GOP’s recent embrace of Senate candidate Roy Moore, who was accused of sexually abusing teenagers.

“That is absolutely ridiculous,” Blake said. “You endorsed an alleged pedophile! Please stop. Thank you.”

Faulkner awkwardly cut to commercial and the rest, as they say, is cable news history.

As an aside, RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel has stated that the organization would return the million dollars, or more, of donations by billionaire Wynn once he has had “due process,” though it is unclear what that would actually entail, or if he would ever even see a day in court.

Additionally, McDaniel had this to say regarding Harvey Weinstein’s donations to the DNC back when he was embroiled in a sexual misconduct controversy:

“Weinstein lined Democrat pockets with millions of dollars,” she wrote in October. “If the DNC truly stands up for women like they say they do, then returning Weinstein’s dirty money should be a no-brainer.”

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