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Fox TV Studios May Be Producing NBC’s Hillary Clinton Miniseries

Remember how the Republican National Committee threatened NBC and CNN to call off their planned Hillary Clinton projects lest they not get any of the Republican primary debates in 2016? Well, if the RNC is serious about taking a stand, the party may end up limiting its debates to other networks, but mainly Fox News. There’s just one teensy, tiny, little problem:

Fox Television Studios may be producing NBC’s Hillary miniseries.

The New York Times broke the news late Friday, which will almost assuredly not be followed by threats to boycott debates on Fox.

Leslie Oren, a spokesman for FTVS, as the studio is known, confirmed that NBC is in “the early stages” of discussions to bring the Fox unit in as the production company on the as yet unnamed mini-series, which will star Diane Lane as Mrs. Clinton.

“There is no deal yet,” Ms. Oren said. But should a deal be completed, FTVS would become the distributor of the film internationally. FTVS is the production arm of 21st Century Fox’s entertainment group.

Naturally, the argument here would be, “Fox News and Fox Entertainment are two completely different things! Don’t judge one for what the other is doing!”


The Times report also reveals some of the behind-the-scenes work leading up to NBC acquiring the project. It was initially brought to to the company Endgame, before being pitched all around Hollywood, and eventually getting picked up by NBC. NBC then got in touch with Fox Television Studios to produce the project, having more experience than NBC’s own Universal Television Studios in creating “long-form” projects.

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