Fox’s Ablow on Teens Joining ISIS: Obama’s ‘Debranding’ of U.S. Made Them Ideological Meth Heads


Fox News’ in-house psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow spoke to Fox & Friends’ Elisabeth Hasselbeck about Americans leaving the U.S. to join ISIS, which he said was the result of President Barack Obama “debranding” ISIS, to the point that young Americans look for ideological fulfillment in the same way meth heads seek out fulfillment.

“These are not someone who are not easily influenced, they’re focused young men,” Hasselbeck said. “Are you saying the people who are joining have the potential to focus on something, they just can’t find it here? We have more distractions than ever here. Find a video game you like, not ISIS.”

“[Radical Islam] is a drug,” Ablow said. “Think about methamphetamine. The folks who use that are focused. They buy it, some of them make it. It isn’t easy, it’s dangerous. It fills them up. It answers really tough nagging questions they have about whether life is worth living.”

“Don’t forget this president took away the American brand,” Ablow continued. “When we took away the notion of what it meant to be American, for some number of people we took away a part of them, a sense of patriotism, forward momentum, and they are going to find it else where. Our brand is being diluted, systematically and methodically by this president.”

Ablow suggested that we do like Reagan and “rebrand America as itself.” “It was genius,” he said.

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

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