Fox’s Aidala: Lawyers Can’t Find Work, Obama’s Economy to Blame

Fox News legal analyst Arthur Aidala told the Outnumbered panel Thursday afternoon that Latino and Millennial voters are fleeing the Democratic Party (according to one poll) because President Barack Obama had failed to effect his promised change, especially in the economy — and Aidala should know, given the amount of resumes he gets from JDs who can’t find a steady paycheck.

“The Millennials can’t get jobs!” Aidala said. “The hope and change? I’m getting two resumes a day from lawyers, people who are now graduates, they’ve passed the bar, and they have nowhere to go. So the current administration isn’t delivering for them, maybe they’re looking towards a new one.”

The economy has actually been creating jobs at an increasing rate. What Aidala may be referring to is the glut in the legal market created by the rapid overexpansion of law schools, which happily sinks students into enormous debt on faulty promises of later employment. That, or Obama.

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

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