Fox’s Baier: ‘Really Upsets Me’ That Trump Keeps Attacking Megyn Kelly

baierBret Baier, one of Megyn Kelly‘s Fox News colleagues and co-moderators, said last night he’s getting just a little bit tired of Donald Trump‘s nasty attacks on Kelly.

After Fox News issued a pretty blistering statement, Baier added his own sentiments on Twitter:

He spoke to The Daily Beast and said it bothers and “really upsets” him that Trump keeps going after Kelly like that––”it’s not at all comfortable.”

Baier talked about following up with Trump a lot because “there are a lot of things to follow up with in some of Donald Trump’s answers,” and even addressed the less-tough town halls he frequently does (and did again today) with Fox’s Sean Hannity:

“That’s a comfortable environment for him,” Baier said about the Hannity town hall, “and he obviously does well in those events. His supporters love his style and Arizona clearly lines up for him with the immigration debate playing heavily in the state.”

Trump has continued insulting Kelly into today, calling her “crazy” and overrated and average-looking and all the rest of it.

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