Fox’s Beckel, Gutfeld See Hypocrisy in Limbaugh’s Defamation Suit Against DCCC

Two-fifths of Fox News’ The Five completely panned Rush Limbaugh‘s planned lawsuit against the DCCC for defamation, with Bob Beckel calling Limbaugh a hypocrite and Greg Gutfeld admitting Limbaugh’s suit “does not have a leg to stand on.”

Beckel was absolutely floored by Limbaugh’s hypocrisy, because he and other conservatives take people out of context all the time. He pointed to that infamous “you didn’t build” that comment from President Obama that conservatives built up, without providing the right context, and said, “I feel absolutely no sympathy for Rush. Rush has taken a lot of things, quote, out of context.”

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And Gutfeld admitted he, too, isn’t really behind Limbaugh’s suit, even if the Democrats did use an out-of-context quote to fundraise:

We use it to fundraise. It’s called making money. We take things out of context all the time. Cable shows do it all the time to make money. We would be a hypocrite if we said he had a leg to stand on. Rush does not have a leg to stand on this.”

Gutfeld also admitted that even though he likes Limbaugh, he does this thing on his show where “sometimes he’s being facetious, sometimes he’s being serious” and it’s unclear where he is at any given point.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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