Fox’s Bernie Goldberg Cut Off Responding to Civil Rights Question, And He Does NOT Look Happy

Bernie Goldberg Was Cut Off When Responding to Civil Rights Question, And He Did NOT Look Happy

Based on what we saw tonight, it’s probably not a good idea to cut off Bernie Goldberg while he’s in the middle of an impassioned on-air monologue.

Goldberg was a guest on The Kelly File, talking Arizona’s failed SB 1062 law with fill-in host Shannon Bream. After Bernie asserted his belief that business do not have the right to deny service to gay people, the Fox host challenged him with a question about how some black leaders do not like having their civil rights movement compared to the struggle of modern-day gay people.

Goldberg began to offer a response, but halfway through, Bream had to go to break.

“I’m sorry, I hate to leave it there, but we are out of time,” she said to a mid-sentence Goldberg. “Good thing, in this country, we can all agree to disagree, all the viewpoints work together. Bernie, good to see you. We’ll be right back.”

As the camera faded to commercial, a stunned Goldberg is seen shaking his head, clearly upset with what just happened. Slow-mo gif below for posterity:

And the video, via Fox:

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