Fox’s Bill Hemmer and Fauci Have Tense Exchange: Why Do You Feel the ‘Obligation’ to Answer Negative Questions About Trump?


Fox News’ Bill Hemmer complained to Dr. Anthony Fauci about all of the conversations he’s had lately that reflected negatively on former president Donald Trump.

Fauci appeared on America’s Newsroom on Tuesday — during which his recent anti-Trump comments were broached, specifically those he made in an interview with the New York Times. In that Times conversation and in others, Fauci remarked upon how feels free from the pressures of the Trump administration, and bashed their lack of adherence to science, as well as their dishonesty about the coronavirus.

During his Newsroom appearance Tuesday, Fauci and Fox’s Dana Perino expressed their mutual regret that so much of the doctor’s Times interview revolved around Trump. Hemmer followed up his co-host by bringing up Fauci’s interviews and stating that it “seems like there is an aggressiveness toward the Trump administration.”

“Why do you even feel the obligation to answer these questions?” Hemmer asked. “And by the way, when you were at the White House, no one prevented you from talking, did they?”

Fauci previously told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that the Trump administration “blocked” him from appearing for an interview on her show. But on Tuesday, Fauci told Hemmer that he wasn’t prevented from talking, but “that’s why I got into trouble.”

“What do you mean?” Hemmer asked

“It wasn’t happy about some of the things I said,” Fauci answered. “Here again, we get into rehashing it again. I think we should do what Dana suggested, namely put that behind us and take a look at the problems we have ahead.”

Hemmer seemed to oblige Fauci, for he moved the interview onward in order to address the Biden administration’s decision to keep the United States in the World Health Organization. This led to questions about whether Fauci still believes Covid-19 emerged naturally instead of being artificially created in a laboratory, and a debate about China’s transparency — or lack thereof — about the origin of the virus.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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