Fox’s Bob Beckel Describes the Time He Punched a Woman

Oh, Bob.

Along with the haunting stories about past cocaine and alcohol abuse he shares on The Five, Fox’s Bob Beckel has added another type of tale: The time he punched a woman.

On Thursday evening, the roundtable show debated Whoopi Goldberg‘s contention that Jay Z would have been justified to hit back at his sister-in-law Solange Knowles during their infamous elevator scuffle.

Eric Bolling declared that his mother taught him to never raise a hand to a woman, regardless of the scenario. Calling his co-host a “wuss,” Beckel interjected that he agrees with Goldberg: “I got bit by a woman right in the collar bone and she wouldn’t let go so I had to punch her. It was the only way I could get her off, otherwise I was going to die. I was crazy.”

As his colleagues asked why he’d ever admit that, Beckel responded: “Why wouldn’t I?” Bolling expressed disgust, prompting Beckel to ask: “You wouldn’t hit a woman? Some woman is beating the hell out of you, you wouldn’t?”

Watch below, via Fox:

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