Fox’s Bob Beckel Empties His Pockets Into The Swear Jar To Close The Five

If you’re like those of us here at Mediaite headquarters (by that I mean “losers with nothing better to do”), chances are you spent quite a bit of today wondering if Bob Beckel was going to comment on last night’s “incident” today on The Five (or if, heaven forbid, he was going to have simply vanished). Well, after waiting through a whole, whole lot Five (featuring Sarah Palin going on about something, more puns about prostitution, and even a full discussion on Pippa Middleton led by Beckel who clearly had no idea who she was) we finally got to what we were waiting for. And, while the moment was brief, Beckel’s response was about as perfect as it could be.

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During the show’s “One Last Thing” segment and right before they threw to Bret Baier in the newsroom, Beckel lifted up his giant swear jar and silently (well, kind of silently) began emptying his pockets into it.

While no one discussed the Hannity incident specifically, Eric Bolling offered his co-host a little “defense,” pointing out that Beckel rarely knows when they’re live or not on The Five either.

Watch the clip from Fox News below and below that the video of what happened last night:

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