Fox’s Bolling Compares Obama Handling ISIS to NFL Treatment of Domestic Abuse


During the closing monologue of his Saturday morning Fox show, Eric Bolling made a comparison sure to raise some eyebrows: President Obama‘s reaction to jihadist group ISIS, he said, is like the NFL’s reaction to its players’ domestic abuse issues.

To the transcript:

We’ve used “Wake Up America” to shout from the top of our lungs a warning to Obama that these ISIS terrorists are the real deal but nobody listened. Then we saw the videos of Americans beheaded. Then stuff got real, fast. Just like the NFL knew about Rice’s violence against his fiancée because there were police reports and they knew about reports of Peterson’s tendency to beat his defenseless kids because he has a history of that. Then the video surfaced and the pictures of Peterson’s bloody 4-year-old son surfaced and stuff got real, real fast. The president didn’t act until we Americans saw fellow Americans heads roll. The Vikings and Ravens didn’t act until we NFL fans saw the videos and pictures, and demanded action.

Leadership means seeing a problem before seeing the problem literally. The president’s job is keeping us safe. Do you feel safe? If not, he’s failing America. The NFL’s job is entertaining us. Are you entertained by the pictures of domestic and child abuse? If not, they’re failing America.

Maybe our leaders in D.C. and sports and business and entertainment can take a cue from the last couple weeks of failed leadership. If you know of a problem, fix it before there’s a video of our heads rolling.

Video below, via Fox:

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