Fox’s Bolling: Why Does Sharpton Always Try to Insert Himself into Tragedy?

Al Sharpton spoke in Ferguson, Missouri earlier today about the tragic police shooting of Michael Brown. Fox News’ Eric Bolling, however, wondered why Sharpton always inserts himself into national tragedies like these instead of just “stay[ing] out of it” for once.

Sharpton generally weighs in publicly on many issues connected to the black community, ranging from discrimination to shooting tragedies like Brown and Trayvon Martin. On The Five today, Bob Beckel said that even if Sharpton has condemned violent protests over the shooting, he “has a way of condemning things at the same time he stokes them.”

Bolling went a step further, questioning why Sharpton has to get involved every time something like this happens.

“How about for once he just stays out of it? You know, why do we need him to condemn it or say ‘go for it’? Just stay out!”

Beckel compared that to “telling a rabid dog to stay away from a hamburger.”

Andrea Tantaros also expressed concerns this could “end up turning into another Trayvon Martin case.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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