Fox’s Bolling: ‘Zero’ People Have Been Killed in the Name of Every Religion But Islam

Eric Bolling ended today’s Cashin’ In with his absolute disgust with President Obama‘s comments about the Crusades, claiming that exactly “zero” people have been killed in the name of every single religion outside of Islam.

Obama said at the National Prayer Breakfast this week that Christians shouldn’t get on a “high horse” about radical Islam because “terrible deeds” have been done in the name of Christianity too. He cited the Crusades and the Inquisition as two examples.

Conservatives objected to Obama’s invocation of these dark times in Christianity’s history while not addressing threats in the modern day––not hundreds of years ago––by radical Islamic terrorists.

Bolling said Obama not only crossed the line, but “pole-vaulted over the line,” and then made this claim:

“Reports say radical Muslim jihadists killed thousands of people in the past few months alone. And yet when you take Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, whatever, their combined killings in the name of religion––well, that would be zero.”

He concluded that Obama’s comments were “deeply offensive to Christians” and he should apologize immediately.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

[image via screengrab]

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