Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Hits Trump for Retweeting Photo of Schumer and Pelosi in Islamic Garb: ‘Not Smart’

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade sounded off on President Donald Trump today, billing him as “not smart” for retweeting a picture of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi in traditional Islamic attire.

Kilmeade, a steadfast Trump supporter, and Fox and Friends host raised the criticism of President Trump’s attacks on Fox Business Network’s Varney & Company show with host Stuart Varney

“Ninety three of news coverage in the past four months was negative. The networks have spent less than 1% talking about the booming economy. There are some things that never change. The media is horribly biased. We all know it, Brian,” Varney stated in prompting Kilmeade to respond.

“Not like this. I see 60-40, 70-30, but this has been now for three years,” the Fox and Friends morning host retorted.

“It’s amazing that his [Trump’s] approval at 46%. You know, we talked about this, Stuart. There are things the president does, that don’t make you popular.”

“Was it smart to retweet the photo of Chuck Schumer wearing Islamic garb with Nancy Pelosi? No,” Kilmeade continued.

“Was there some things he did getting in his own way, going after Greta Stonberg …not smart,” Kilmeade stated in referring to climate activist Greta Thunberg but butchering the pronunciation of her name.

Kilmeade added, “Killing Soleimani, outstanding. Changing explanations, not great.”

“But he didn’t even need it. He actually got the Attorney general to say this is justified. He didn’t have to come up with anything. His approval rating along with some of the things he did, if its any other presidency, including Republican presidency, is probably 55 – 60%,” Kilmeade added.

“It’s amazing it’s at 46%,” Kilmeade concluded.

Watch above, via Fox Business News.

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