Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Shreds De Niro For Cursing President Trump: He Has ‘Limited Vocabulary’

Actor Robert De Niro had some choice words for President Donald Trump Sunday night at the Tonys, which Fox & FriendsBrian Kilmeade was quick to criticize him for.

“Robert De Niro, probably a good actor, [used] last night’s platform at the Tony Awards… To leave the prompter to say [f*u Trump.],” Kilmeade said.

“If you are surprised or pissed off about the language he used, then you have to look at the President of the United States and some of the language he has used. [His] calling the NFL players ‘SOBS’, ‘S-hole countries’, ‘rapists and thugs’ for Mexicans,” Democratic strategist Antjuan Seawright pointed out.

“Does this show he has a limited vocabulary if you don’t give him a script?” Kilmeade asked Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe.

“This just shows how feckless the resistance movement is,” Boothe said, ironically taking a clear page from Samantha Bee in her own vocabulary. “They offer no solution, they offer no substance, and so what they do is resort to using the F-bomb and the C-word like what we saw with Samantha Bee.” (No really, it was a very obvious cribbing of language.)

“All it does is embolden President Trump and bring more people into his camp,” Boothe concluded.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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