Fox’s Brit Hume And Bill Kristol Declare Tea Party Victory In Budget Battle

Although some like Sarah Palin and Mark Levin think the Tea Party should be disappointed or angry with the budget deal, most of the commentators on the Fox News Sunday panel think the Tea Party should be proud of what they accomplished. Only Juan Williams predicted Republicans misread their mandate by pursuing huge budget cuts and will pay for it in the future.

Bill Kristol was impressed that the Tea Party’s influence was able to secure “real cuts in real spending this year,” something he didn’t think was at all realistic. While Brit Hume declared it a big win for the Tea Party, especially since the result has Speaker John Boehner come out “smelling like a rose.” With one “victory” in the bag, it seems like the Tea Party’s influence might only increase the next time around and which is something Williams doesn’t think bodes well for the Republican party.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:


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