Fox’s Brit Hume Asks GOP Governors Why Obama Is Polling Ahead Of Romney In Their States

Hume Asks GOP Governors Why Obama Is Polling Ahead Of Romney...

On Fox News Sunday today, guest host Brit Hume brought up the latest polling numbers in Florida and Iowa showing President Obama narrowly ahead of Mitt Romney. He asked Florida governor Rick Scott and Iowa governor Terry Branstad why Obama is ahead of Romney both of their states, considered important swing states in the general election.

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Scott cited the lowering state unemployment in his state as a possible reason, but made it clear he thinks the race will boil down to who has the better jobs plan. Branstad said that because Obama has been so “divisive,” he will unite people against him and he could very well lose the independent vote. Branstad contrasted Obama with Ronald Reagan‘s “morning in America” outlook.

When Hume brought up economic improvements in Iowa and asked if Obama could benefit from that, Branstad said the credit doesn’t belong to the president.

“It helps Republicans because they can see with a Republican governor, we’ve turned it around. So has Wisconsin, so has Michigan, so has Indiana, but Illinois hasn’t. And Illinois is following the Obama rule of raising taxes on corporations and individuals… and attacking the very people you need to invest in to create jobs.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:

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