Fox’s Brit Hume Dismisses NSA Uproar As ‘Misplaced Hysteria’: ‘There Haven’t Been Any Abuses’

Appearing on Tuesday afternoon, Fox senior political analyst Brit Hume dismissed the uproar over the National Security Agency’s snooping revelations as “misplaced hysteria,” adding that he sees no “abuse” whatsoever in what has been revealed. If anything, he said, NSA leaker Edward Snowden is the one who committed an abuse.

“Of the abuses that [Snowden] claims exist in this program,” Hume continued, “his explanation has been vague to the point of non-existent.”

He then told host Chris Stirewalt he doesn’t see anything wrong with what has been revealed about the NSA’s surveillance programs:

“To tell you the truth, now that I know about the NSA, I don’t think there have been any abuses, frankly. I think that this guy’s disclosure of the program was an abuse of a sort.”

Despite Stirewalt countering that there is “clear abuse” in what the NSA has been doing, Hume suggested that it is no different than the “surveillance” utilized by government agencies like the Social Security Administration, which keeps record of individual income over a lifetime. “Think of all the information these agencies possess,” he said, “but the record of abuse by most government agencies has been pretty good.”

He concluded: “The hysteria about this is misplaced.”

Watch below, via (as clipped by MofoPolitics):

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