Fox’s Brit Hume: Obama’s ‘Amazing’ Election ‘Machine’ Was ‘The Greatest Political Organization’ In History

Fox News’ Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume was asked about the view of the future for President Obama‘s second term Sunday and had some strong words about the team that got the president re-elected. The “machine” that helped propel Obama to a second victory, Hume said, did something “amazing” this last time. They were, he added, the “greatest political organization” that led to the “greatest act of voter mobilization” in history.

“I wouldn’t underestimate their ability to keep on doing this,” he added.

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Obama’s re-election team was called “Organizing for America” and recently changed their name to “Organizing for Action.” The campaign simply relaunched its team as an issue-based non-profit. Hume cautioned that they were a powerful force.

“The database is massive, way up in the millions,” he said. “I think they can doubtless generate pressure on members of Congress on legislation and perhaps more importantly than that, they can generate voters to try to protect the president’s party in the mid-term elections in two years.”

In 2014, Hume said, Republicans will be “in trouble” if they can’t match the voter turnout and mobilization in some way.

Watch below, via Fox News:

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