Fox’s Brit Hume: Obama’s Speech Confirms That He Is An ‘Out And Out Liberal,’ Not A Moderate

Fox News Channel contributor Brit Hume weighed in with his thoughts on the major themes of President Barack Obama’s second inaugural address. Hume said that Obama’s speech should “put to rest” the notion spread by some of the president’s supporters that he is a moderate. “He’s an out and out liberal,” Hume said. He went on to predict that Obama’s speech heralds a new era of contentiousness in Washington that some hoped would abate in the president’s second term.

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“I think we had a clarifying moment today in that the president’s speech served a real purpose,” Hume began. “It should put to rest for all time the idea that Barack Obama really is a moderate.

“Barack Obama is a liberal,” Hume continued. “I don’t think he’s a radical, but he is an out and out liberal. And now, newly reelected, he intends to pursue the course of that liberalism.”

‘The battle lines are now clearly drawn,” he concluded. “I don’t think there’s much hope at all, barring unseen developments, which are always possible, that we’re going to have any of the kind of unity in Washington that some people have longed for for so long.”

Watch the clip below via Fox News Channel:

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