Fox’s Brit Hume Predicts GOP ‘Civil War’ if Party Fails to Win Senate

Just how bad will the Republican Party take it if all the predictions are wrong and they don’t managed to take the Senate away from Democrats during today’s midterm elections? According to Fox News’ Brit Hume, that outcome would mean a full-on “civil war” for the GOP at precisely the moment the party needs to come together for the 2016 presidential race.

As Hume explained, establishment Republicans got their candidates in most of the major races while tea party candidates were defeated in most primaries. “If they don’t win this time,” he said, the internal conflict within the GOP will “explode.”

“There will be a civil war,” Hume said, between the tea party and the establishment. “And you look ahead to 2016, and one of things the party needs to do most is unite.” If the Republicans “lose” this election in terms of not taking control of the Senate, he said, “it’ll be as bloody a set of recriminations that we’ve ever seen.”

Watch video below, via Fox News:

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