Fox’s Cavuto Chides Ben Stein for Calling Ebola Czar a ‘Hack’

Say what you want about President Obama‘s decision to appoint longtime Democratic political operative Ron Klain as the Ebola czar, just don’t call him a “hack” to Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto‘s face.

Wednesday afternoon on Fox News, Cavuto asked pundit Ben Stein, whose earlobes look like they’re starting to get away from him, about Klain’s low profile since his appointment to deal with the virus outbreak.

“He doesn’t have any medical training whatsoever. He’s a political hack. A guy who used to put out fires,” Stein said, referring to Klain’s political career, including as chief of staff for Vice President Joe Biden.

“That’s a little mean,” Cavuto pushed back. “There have been plenty people who have not had medical experience for similar type roles.”

Stein tried to continue his analysis but Cavuto talked over him. “Hack is extreme, Ben,” he said.

Stein amended himself, instead calling Klain a “Democratic political operative” but maintained that someone with a medical background would be more appropriate in his position.

Later, Stein fully withdrew the hack comment. “I’m sure he’s a fine, incredibly wonderful person who I would have been happy to have at my son’s Bar Mitzvah,” he said.

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