Fox’s Cavuto to Republicans Outraged at Ebola Czar: ‘Shut Up’

It’s rare to see a Fox News host defending anyone connected to the Obama administration, but today Neil Cavuto bluntly told Republican critics of Ebola czar Ron Klain to “shut up.” He said the right is unfairly going after Klain and is actually exhibiting some hypocrisy in criticizing Klain for his lack of medical experience.

And on that point in particular, Cavuto told Klain’s critics that while he may not have that kind of background, “neither do a lot of you guys, but that hasn’t stopped a lot of you from pontificating.”

He pointed out that the man appointed by George W. Bush to basically be the “bird flu czar” in 2004 also didn’t have a medical background and no one complained (marking one of the only times Fox News and Media Matters have made the same argument about something).

Cavuto repeatedly said it’s not fair for Republicans to pick on Klain when he could actually prove to be an effective coordinator in handling the government’s Ebola response. He asked, “How would you like to be pre-labeled just coming out the chute?”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

[image via screengrab]

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