Fox’s Chris Wallace Calls Out Dem Candidates and NBC Moderators For Exchange on Border Crisis


Fox News anchor Chris Wallace agreed with the top line consensus from Thursday night’s Democratic debate (victory: Kamala Harris) but offered some criticism of NBC’s debate moderators.

Wallace began by agreeing with those who said Harris had a strong performance and “she lit Joe Biden up” for his record on civil rights. Since Harris campaign set up her Twitter account to post her picture of her younger self during the Biden exchange, Wallace concluded that “it was something that was clearly going to be a subject that was going to be brought up,” but he seemed to think it worked well for her.

“I think in the front tier, it probably weakens Joe Biden as a front runner and it strengthens Kamala Harris,” Wallace said, “and I think some others did well as well in terms of their standing.”

Wallace continued to debate with Sandra Smith whether the Democratic field is moving closer to embracing an “open border” immigration policy. This led to Wallace criticizing NBC since their moderators didn’t sufficiently challenge Democrats for saying their administrations would allow health care for undocumented immigrants.

“Frankly, it was a flaw both on a lot of the Democratic party candidates, but also on the part of the moderators who seem to accept the idea you’re going to have a tremendous number of people coming forward and how do you deal with it? There wasn’t a lot of talk about the basic premise, one — that a lot of these Democrats said that there was no crisis, the president had manufactured it, now they’re all talking about the fact that there is a crisis to how to they justify their past rhetoric with their current rhetoric. Secondly, the whole question of does the U.S. simply have to accept this flood of people whether it’s migrants or asylum-seekers and what about the idea, which you know the Republicans are going to offer, and Donald Trump will offer, which is that a country has to secure its borders. I didn’t think there was enough challenging of the basic premise that you can just leave these borders open and decriminalize.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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