Fox’s Chris Wallace Demolishes Trump’s Defense of Flynn: He Fired Him ‘For Lying’!

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace minced no words when he threw cold water on Donald Trump‘s claim that disgraced former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn might not have lied to the FBI by pointing out that Trump himself fired Flynn for lying.

On Thursday afternoon’s edition of The Daily Briefing, host Dana Perino asked Wallace for his thoughts on Trump’s interview with Harris Faulkner, and Wallace offered up a blistering reality check.

“Let’s just try to break a little bit of it down,” Wallace began. “For instance, Michael Flynn, the president says, you know, Mueller mower says he lied, Flynn says he didn’t lie, but what he neglected to mention is that the president fired him three weeks after he became the National Security advisor. Why did he fire him? For lying. For lying to the vice president, Mike Pence about the conversation that he had with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador, and whether or not sanctions came up.”

But Wallace didn’t stop there, taking on Trump’s attempts to distance himself from former Trump attorney Michael Cohen‘s crimes.

“He says Michael Cohen was this minor functionary, who was Michael Cohen, Michael Cohen was the chief counsel for Donald Trump, he was the guy that you had to go see if you wanted to get something done with Donald Trump, he was his fixer,” Wallace said.

He added, “I kind of am a little surprised when the President says, look, I didn’t tell him to do anything wrong, he was doing all these things. Last time I checked, a lawyer does what you ask him to do. He’s not supposed to break the law, but he does what you ask him to do, and he doesn’t do things you don’t ask me to do.”

Wallace went on to push back on suggestions that the Cohen and Flynn sentencings mean that Mueller has “moved on” from investigating Russia, noting that these matters are being made public now because “they’re before the court.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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